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Feedback on THIS Litter, Ones That Have Gone To Their Forever Homes



Just wanted to let you know that Einstein travelled home really well - he slept in his crate the whole journey 😊
Since arriving home he has been out successfully for six toilet trips and is now having a play before bed. 
We are beyond thrilled to finally have him home and can’t thank you guys enough for the amazing start you have given him and the fantastic support you have provided to us in the lead up to our bringing him home. We will, of course, keep you updated on his progress, but for now all is perfect 😊
Thank you! 

Flick and Jade

NEXT DAY….. He did amazingly well  went into his crate at 11 and only woke once at 4. Took him out for a wee and put him back in - he cried for about 3 minutes then settled again until we got him up at 7  He has had his breakfast and is now busy playing. He has started to come when we call him which is incredible and we even got him to lie down a couple of times yesterday using the technique Rachel showed us! We are so happy 


Perfect thankyou! Poppy got back fine and is settling in great already! She has napped in her crate too! 

AFTER FIRST NIGHT…..Hi, she was amazing last night, took her out at the times you said and she went toilet each time striaght away! 


Philia travelled home like a dream.  Only becoming agitated when she needed a wee!  Wonderful!  We stopped, she wee'd (just before Birmingham) and then I popped her in her crate for the rest of the journey.  She slept the whole of the rest of the way!  She is currently sleeping at my feet as I type this and ate all her tea beautifully.  She has wee'd 3 times outside in her designated spot.  What a credit to you all, and especially Talitha, she is.  I know my daughter Nancy will want to keep Talitha updated with Philia's progress and photos - so we'll send some updates later this week!  She is really happy and affectionate and settled (after a little cry at first) - we'll see how tonight goes!



Just a quick email to say Juno is settling in very well! She’s just so well behaved for such a young puppy - we’re shocked! She’s sleeping very well at night, she hardly whines, she’s toileting outside, she loves a cuddle - she’s just perfect! Thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into all the puppies, I think it really pays off. 

Thanks again,
Chris and Anna


FIRST DAY….Nellie has settled very well and seems very happy. Only one tiny accident so far and she will toilet and sit on command. She’s as bright as abutton.

DAY 5…She’s getting on brilliantly. She is happy and learns very fast. We haven’t had any more mishaps, she will toilet and sit to command. We absolutely love her!



Just thought I would send you an email to let you know how Sydney is doing. 

He slept amazingly well last night which shows he is comfortable and happy in his crate. I’m taking him outside every 20-25 minutes to use the toilet and every time he uses the toilet outside, I’m giving him a small treat - which he loves! 

He enjoys playing and I’m making sure we give him plenty of opportunities to do so. This week, we have different people of different ages to come round to play with him which should help his socialisation.

Many thanks

Tom and Rowan



Thank you!


He’s getting along well I think! He’s already had plenty of trips to the bathroom outside and has now completed both ‘events’ in the designated area!


He did NOT like going in his crate the first time around for a snooze, but he settled after about 15 or 20 minutes. Second time around was a lot better - only a few minutes of complaining. He’s sound asleep now having had a good run around. 


To be honest at first when he went in the crate we didn’t know if we should take him out as he barked away, but we held firm and kept him in there giving him reassurances every now and then and finally he settled. That felt like a big step for us, getting over the emotional heart wrenching pleas from Strider!


It looks like Bear is going to win the naming game as well!


What a lovely fellow he is!


Paul and Katya


NEXT DAY….First night went well - he hadn’t seen upstairs really as the cats retreated up there, and thought it best to keep him downstairs most of the time so he gets used to this area where he will spend most of his time. So when it was bedtime we all trooped up and he went into his crate with some chicken treats quite happily. He did then make some noise but it was really short lived minutes of whining if that, the best yet! He slept then until 2am when he had a little whine and bark but again didn’t last too long and he was out then till 5am. 


We took him for his morning constitutional (great going so far! I think now 7 pees and a poo - I’ll stop counting but we’re so proud of him!) and then put him back in the crate with us downstairs till 7am. And he didn’t like that at all - I think he barked for a good hour and a bit before we went for toilet and breakfast. 


I’ve never seen food disappear so quickly! He sure loves it and no trouble eating! He hasn’t had morning poo yet, we took him out a few times but no go, so we’ve had a play with him and he is currently chewing on one of his toys.


So we will take him out shortly for an attempt at quick-quicks and then back in the crate for a few hours. 


He is such a lovely little chap! We really love him to bits already! And he is such a sweet little dreamer - once or twice he has fallen asleep with his toys and had his little paws have all been going and little grunts and other cute noises! :)

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