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Debbie Barker‎ to Derbyshire Doodles

30 July 2017 · 

I cannot recommend Rachel and Jason Isherwood highly enough for the fantastic start and support they have given with our fabulous puppy Milo (Misu). The whole family were very welcoming and encouraged us to visit as much as we wanted until we could take him home. We were drip fed important and interesting information to understand the breed and how to best care for Milo and the amount of work Rachel has put into the puppies is obvious because he already sleeps through the night, sits to be picked up and isn't phased by noises. We came home with everything we needed including guidance notes on every aspect, food, toys and bits and pieces for familiarity to make the transition as stress free as possible. I am delighted to say that Milo has settled in beautifully and we couldn't have asked for more. It is also reassuring to know that we can contact Rachel for advice in the future should we need it. Thank you for everything, The Barkers x

Justine Whitaker‎ to Derbyshire Doodles

26 July 2017 · 

Teddy aka Takoda, is a wonderful addition to our family, he almost a 100% house trained, bombproof and super social able, thanks to the Isherwood's hard work and devotion. We love him so much and is very settled with us. Oh and yes he still likes to hill on his back 😁

Melanie Sheehy


Clyde is a wonderful addition to our family, he has become a huge part of it and infact been a wonderful companion to our other dog, Bonnie who we had already.  They really are a Bonnie and Clyde in the animal world.

We nearly lost Clyde very early on as he managed to find some nurofen and eat a fair few! After a heartbreaking 48 hours where he was in the animal hospital and we had said our goodbyes, Clyde came home and since then has been an absolute joy.  He has the most wonderful temperament with just wanting cuddles all day.  Even when he has been a little naughty, he still wags his tail and gives you a big smile.  He is an extremely intelligent dog and has even taught himself to close doors.   We couldn’t imagine a life without this gentle giant.


Surprisingly I don’t have many photos of Clyde and the ones I do have are of him cuddling up to us.  I will try and take a couple in the garden but here are the ones I do have.


We cannot fault the service we received from Joyful Living Australian Labradoodles. This was our first family dog, and they provided us with lots of advice and information on caring for our new puppy, and also a care pack to get us started which was very helpful. The dog we have is exactly what we wanted, and there were no unexpected surprises in terms of size, type of coat, medical history or training. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.


Best wishes


Judith Drever


IMG_8969 (1).jpg

I hope this email finds you all well! 

We thought you might like to see a picture of Sydney and have a quick update on how he is doing. 

Sydney is continuing to grow and remains our bundle of joy! 

We are now half way through our Bronze training programme having successfully completed puppy foundation. Sydney is clearly an intelligent dog and is very good at learning new and even more complex commands. 

I saw on your Facebook you were thinking about having another litter - exciting times! 

Many thanks

Thomas Burton and Rowan Stevenson 





The toilet training has been great! He has had a few accidents but nothing major and nothing now for the last two days!  


He has around three to four poos a day! He’s a machine! He’s loving his food and we’ve bought a new chest freezer to keep a decent stash of food (sticking with what he knows and clearly loves). Ive never seen dog poo like it before, it’s great and so easy to deal with! He has even taken to doing his business in the bushes which is even better!


Oscar and Luna are coming on really well too. They've had a good sniff and watch of Bear and are coming out of their shells a little more each day, which truly is such a great thing, i cant articulate it but its my dream these guys all get on and its a great start!


We have a trainer coming over next wednesday for the first of three one hour sessions to give us a head start on things and offer advice etc. Cant wait!


Bear went to the vet today and all is looking really well there - the vet said he is one of the finest pups she has seen (and she owns the surgery), in really good shape and looking really healthy. He’s now weighing in at ~4.5kg so growing nicely!


Ill attach a couple of pictures - do these come out ok??

Paul & Katya


image1 (1).jpeg


Hi, poppy is settling in great! She's become so confident with everything! I will link some photos for you! She is sleeping through most nights now from around 10pm until 6am and on the odd occasion will wake up once but goes out to wee then goes striaght back in her crate with help from a treat sometimes. 

The main thing we are working on now is her biting as she goes through stages of the day biting anything everything and anyone she can, I have brought her teething toys but need to find one she loves! 



Hi all, 
Just wanted to let you know that Einstein travelled home really well - he slept in his crate the whole journey 
Since arriving home he has been out successfully for six toilet trips and is now having a play before bed. 
We are beyond thrilled to finally have him home and can’t thank you guys enough for the amazing start you have given him and the fantastic support you have provided to us in the lead up to our bringing him home. We will, of course, keep you updated on his progress, but for now all is perfect 
Thank you! 
Flick and Jade 


Philia travelled home like a dream.  Only becoming agitated when she needed a wee!  Wonderful!  We stopped, she wee'd (just before Birmingham) and then I popped her in her crate for the rest of the journey.  She slept the whole of the rest of the way!  She is currently sleeping at my feet as I type this and ate all her tea beautifully.  She has wee'd 3 times outside in her designated spot.  What a credit to you all, and especially Talitha, she is.  

With best wishes and very very grateful thanks,


Caroline x

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