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We have several planned litters if interested please contact




Coat types 

There are generally three different types, fleece, hair and wool. The wool and fleece coats have a 98% success rate with allergy and asthma sufferers. So far we have had many dog triggered allergy sufferers in our home with no trouble.

Wool – or curly is quite a tight curl- 98% success with allergy sufferers

Fleece – wavy or light curl - 98% success with allergy sufferers

All ours are expected to be fleece or wool

NB If allergic to dog saliva you will still struggle. If buying because of allergies we recommend a visit to mum before puppies born to determine allergy response. If a problem found we will of course refund.



Reservation details

The other information you need is the system of reserving.

We give a complete list of what is included later as a separate attachment, but our focus is on investing in the puppies to give you the best chance of an ideal family pet. They are health checked, early spay neutered and microchipped and come with a selection of items to aid their transition.

Our reservation system is a deposit after answering some questions to help us know more about you, and to help us guide you in your choice. The selection of puppies is in order of reservation as we consider this most fair and we do all we can to support you in a good match. However, we do like to communicate with you about your selections regarding suitability, and particular requests. The deposit is non-refundable unless we are unable to supply a puppy agreed upon. The only exception to this is we reserve the right to select puppies for breeding purposes if we see one particularly suitable. The ones kept for breeding need particular characteristics for the future benefit of the breed, and this choice process is very different from what will make the best family pet.

We do NOT mess people around. If you have reserved a puppy you WILL receive a puppy from this litter in order of reservation bar an unfortunate emergency. We do not accept bidding. I say this as some customers have come to us after very distressing experiences of reserving a puppy and their puppy being given to a higher bidder, and their deposit not being refunded. This is Not how we operate. Our only request is that you work with us at the selection time as much as possible so that the experience is not an unsettling one for later reservers' who are waiting on decisions of earlier reservers.

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