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Occasionally we select a exceptional pup based on sound stockman principles. If you are interested please let us know as soon as possible so we can keep the best of the litter aside. We only have occasional litters as it takes a lot of work and everything we do is to the highest standards, so that we set people up to succeed. 


Poppy our breeder is fed a raw food diet and actually had a better hip score than her parents! When the pups are born they are cared for around the clock at the start. They under go early neurological stimulation that helps them deal with any future stresses well. To that end during their time here they follow the program of sounds sociable organised by the dogs trust. So for example they are exposed to fireworks, Guy Fawkes' night comes round, result no problem. Lastly they are misty toilet trained well used to going outside and doing their business there. Check out our reviews to see just how successful this has been for numerous people. 

In selecting puppies that may be suitable for breeding we look at conformity, temperament, bone structure, early strength, new born vitality, and use the knowledge of a local farmer who is a national judge for farming shows and is highly respected in this field. 

As we are a very small business we do not hold for a long time any breeding stock if no interest is shown they are spayed or neutered as is protocol for this breed before selling on.


As I said this offer is only open occassionally a year so if you are interested  you must let us know as soon as possible, so you aren't let down.

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