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Poppy now retired

About Poppy

Poppy is a beautiful Australian labradoodle with a lovely nature, a beautiful chocolate brown fleece coat, soft brown eyes, a toothy smile ( really!). She is now retired and lives a life of leisure in our family keeping younger pups in order. She is a great member of the family, she treats our youngest old as a fellow puppy,( they were pups together really). He treats her like a toy, a pillow, a foot warmer, a play mate etc., and she takes it all with great humour, even when she goes to her crate for some peace and quiet and finds him already in there.

She has been easy to train, and we often get comments on what a well behaved dog she is. Often people coming for a puppy want to leave with Poppy. She responds to commands such as heel (off the lead), sit/down/stay/wait etc. She is happy in the house, but only comes on carpets when invited which is a great relief for those visitors who come who are afraid of dogs. Also her gentle nature has helped some overcome their fear at least with her, and make some non- dog lovers consider getting a dog. She really is very special, and has produced beautiful puppies, deserving a well earned rest.  I must say we did put a lot of work into training her, puppies like babies are not born knowing how to behave, a well behaved dog is a trained dog. I only say that because if you buy a puppy I want to reassure you the chances of them having a trainable pleasant nature are very high, but you’ll still have to do the training for the end result!

                                                                     RIPLEY'S HAYLEY-SWIFT


















About Swift

Swift is an exciting addition to our breeding program. We have brought her in to increase the colour range we can produce. We are hoping to develop a cream/ apricot/ red line. She is an exceptionally bright, confident and playful girl already class star in her puppy classes, and a joyful addition to our family. It will be a while before she is old enough to be our next mum to be, but watch this space....

About Australian Labradoodles

Australian labradoodles  were a breed originally designed to be service dogs such as for the blind/deaf/disabled who were allergic to dog hair. The key elements of the breed were to be good natured, trainable, and to have a coat that didn’t cause an allergic reaction. This started by cross breeding Labrador and poodle, but then other breeds were added to get a particular coat/ temperament/size and look. The key breeds being the Irish water spaniel for the lovely qualities of its coat, and its intelligence, and the cocker spaniel for its sweet playful nature, and this also kept the size not too large.

The key breeders that developed and co-founded this new breed were Rutland Manor (RM) and Tegan Park (TP) in Australia. They first arrived at the no/low shedding, intelligent, family friendly as well as trainable mix. Dogs (and therefore puppies) which come from this line are considered the highest quality. RM and TP have been the bed rock for quality Australian Labradoodle  breeding programs throughout the world. Doodle dogs were the first company the import this quality breed and genetic line into the UK in 2003, and have continued the excellent genetic foundation started in Australia, continuing to bring unrelated lines to keep the breed both genuine, but also to maintain genetic diversity, achieving an in breeding co-efficient of below 10 %. Our lovely girls comes from this line, as will the sire. We are excited to be contributing to the continuing wellbeing and establishment of this special breed.

To qualify as being Australian Service dogs at least 3 of the parent breeds must be in the mix. They are more than a labradoodle. The name and logo of ASD belongs to Rutland Manor and must come from those particular lines.

Things to ask your breeder when buying:

  • Clarify the type of labradoodle,

  • Ask about health screening, size of parents, coat and shedding

  • Check pedigree and heritage and whether the pup is from credible lines

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