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Ripley's Hayley-Swift

our up and coming new breeding girl, a stunning apricot colour, with a calm, playful and confident nature, with potential for cream/apricot/ red/ chocolate/ black puppies depending on her romantic liason



Coat types


There are generally three different types, fleece, hair and wool.


The wool and fleece coats have a 98% success rate with allergy and asthma sufferers. So far we have had many dog triggered allergy sufferers in our home with no trouble.


Wool – or curly is quite a tight curl- 98% success with allergy sufferers


Fleece – wavy or light curl - 98% success with allergy sufferers

All ours are expected to be fleece or wool

NB If allergic to dog saliva you will still struggle. If buying because of allergies we recommend a visit to mum before puppies born to determine allergy response. If a problem found we will of course refund.

For more details look at FAQS.

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High Peak Borough Council licence number 

HPK/ABR117             4 STAR

Our Story

Honest admission……….. After five children and our youngest being three we missed having a little one around and thought having a puppy would fill the gap and it felt like a good time with no babies. Also we didn’t want our children growing up frightened of dogs, wanted them to learn to care for animals and to have something that the family could take part in together. Well the be honest it was more of a mum and some of the kids did want a dog. Dad and some of the other kids were less convinced. They had some concerns. So the task was set to find a dog which met all or most of our criteria – challenging with seven people involved.
That’s where our journey began.

What We Do

As we are a family home what we do is unique. We only occasionally have litters of pups and they are extremely well socialised as we have six children to help them in that.

Opening Hours!

We only have visitors by appointment only.

Tel: 07846668529

• Email: 

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